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Trip to Tanzania

Sunday 14 October 2012 On Friday I traveled back to Mwanza, Tanzania, to visit the project I worked for last year. I was supposed to arrive Friday evening, but things were not looking good when I arrived at the airport. My flight to Dar Es Salaam was delayed and I would certainly miss my connecting flight. I tried to ask if they could reroute me, but I didn’t have to worry according to the lady behind the desk, they would take care of me in Dar. full story


Thursday 27 September 2012 I have been helping out with the finances for Hope Alive! and have been the Treasurer for WorldVenture Uganda, but this week I had my first ‘outside’ consulting assignment at WUBTC. WUBTC is a small Bible school in Western Uganda that WorldVenture missionaries helped starting almost 25 years ago. full story